KORN CARES 2015 Adopted Charity Search


We are starting our search for our KORN CARES 2015 Adopted Charity!

If you are a 501C3 Agency, we want to help you get the word out about your organization, please fill out the form below before January 31st (or click HERE if the form is not showing up).

Some rules to remember:

Your Agency must be a 501C3 to apply.

The one KORN Cares Adopted Charity will receive an annual radio advertising strategy on KORN Country 100.3 valued at $15,000 with no charge to you.

Be sure to complete each part of the application to be considered.

If you need assistance, please contact Michelle Hardcastle at mhardcastle@qmix.com

The agency chosen as the KORN Cares 2015 adopted charity will be contacted by phone and email the week of 2.16.15



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