Instant Karma

Road-rageJohn Lennon sang about instant karma, and a guy learned about it on a road rage video that’s gone viral. It happened in Tampa. A woman was being tailgated by a guy in a truck. She felt intimidated, so popped her camera over her shoulder and started to record the incident. Now, she was in the left lane and going slow, which is wrong to begin with. None the less, the guy got impatient and when he saw an opening, he darted around her, showed her where she ranked on his list, then cut her off, only to end up losing control of his truck and crashing into median.  To make his problem worse, he left the scene of an accident — even though he was the only one involved. Turns out the cops frown upon that more than what happened while they were driving.  Here’s the (PG-13) video…

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