Double Shot Tuesdays!


Sometimes one shot just doesn’t take the edge off. That’s why KORN Country along with Armored Heating and Cooling of Greenwood give you ”Double-Shot Tuesdays!”

Listen every Tuesday during the KORN Morning Show with CW for a “double shot” from the same artist. When you hear the “double shot,” be caller 7 to identify the artist, and get yourself registered to the “Double-Shot” prize of the month.

This month: It’s a PRIZE Package! Featuring a VIP ticket to Canary Creek Cinemas in Franklin, a $25 gift certificate to Le Peep’s Restaurant, and a pair of tickets to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis!

Every Qualifier will win a free Car Wash from Mike’s Car Wash!

It’s “Double Shot Tuesday” from Armored Heating and Cooling in Greenwood and KORN Country 100.3!

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