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image (2)My life’s an open book but I’m pretty sure the novel wouldn’t sell.

I grew up in tiny Acton, Indiana, a one-horse town so small that the horse is a Shetland pony. I don’t have a family tree; I have ivy with all the steps and half-siblings. I was a little of everything growing up — athlete, brainiac, band kid, choir boy — all rolled into one. I am a graduate of Franklin Central High School, Culver Military Academy, and Butler University [Go Dawgs!]. I got my first shot on the radio at age 12 and have been hooked ever since.

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I’ve lived and worked in a number of great places; my last stop before here was spending two years in Terre Haute building a brand-new Country station almost entirely from scratch.  I have been blessed to acquire a shelf full of hardware, including seven Marconi awards from the National Association of Broadcasters, a few trophies from the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music, and from both the Indiana and Missouri Broadcasters Associations. The proudest accomplishments of my career are my three Spectrum awards for Community Involvement from the IBA and to be the first-ever recipient of its Service to Indiana in Radio award.

I love great music so I couldn’t be more excited to be here hosting the KORN Morning

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Show, though the “morning” part of that is sometimes a struggle.  Thank goodness I have Joanna to keep the show together through all the shenanigans.  I love baseball, burgers, Bourbon, bacon, beagles [like my beloved Sammy, the Radio Doggy Superstar], and lots of things that don’t start with the letter B.  Most of all, I love that I get to be right here — right at home — connecting with the real people in our community every single day.

So, until we get together again, best of health and luck and thanks for picking KORN.

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Joanna Ryan


Joanna Ryan
KORN Morning Show Co-Host/Genius Producer & Middays
A majority of my growing up years were spent in Wanamaker, a small town just barely inside Franklin Township. Two of my neighbors were corn fields so my two sisters, younger brother, and I got into lots of trouble. When I wasn’t causing mayhem with my siblings, I spent most of my time helping my parents run a music store while reluctantly taking private lessons for voice and several other instruments. After I graduated high school, my family moved to Greenwood and I’ve been there ever since. 20141108_010347

I’m a proud Greyhound and graduate from the University of Indianapolis. While I was there, I learned to say “Yes!” to every opportunity that came my way. Because of that, I’ve worked for a few other stations throughout Indianapolis, collected a few awards along the way, and here I am!

When I’m not at work, you can assume I’m with my family, reading a comic book, consuming too much TV and movies for one single person, trying to find time to volunteer, or snuggling one of my five pets (3 cats, 2 dogs. Pictures available upon request.). Catch the KORN Morning Show first thing every weekday from 5:30a to 9a. Then stick around with me until 1p for 20-in-a-Row Country and fun times during your work day. Check out the Nitty Gritty From Music City, KORN Dogs and Other Forever Friends, and lots of other helpful info on my blog!

Brent Lee

KORN On-Air personality, Brent Lee, is a native Hooiser who has lived most of his life in  Indiana.  Claiming to never have had a real job, he has worked in radio  since he was hired by his hometown station (WTRE, Greensburg) when he was in 8th Grade!


Brent graduated from Ball State University.  Then, he worked in radio in Muncie and Indianapolis  prior to spending most of the 2000’s in Bloomington, Illinois — where he hosted the top-rated morning show for nearly 9  years.  While Brent Lee claims to have thus-far dodged the marriage bullet, he does consistently refer to both Sara Evans and Christina Hendricks (from ‘Mad Men’) as ‘The Future Mrs.
Lee’.  (Please, no one  tell him both are already wed — it would crush him.)

 Being an only  child may have made for a lonely childhood in rural Decatur County, but it
helped him develop the quirky, weird imagination that he draws on each day.

Some of Brent’s favorite things are IndyCar, movies and good food!

Brent’s Blog