KORN Jam with Mary Kutter

She has set a new standard for our KORN Jam guests. Mary Kutter is an organized, kind, generous woman! We kind of decided that she needs to be Disney’s next Princess. Maybe a Kentucky Princess of some kind? Disney, please get on that. She’s your gal!



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KORN Jam with Christine Nicole

Christine Nicole and her other half Jake Tyler stopped by #inthebin for the #KORNJam!


Christine has a busy summer coming up! She’s working on her EP and will even be playing the side stage this summer for Luke Bryan at Klipsch Music Center! You can see a schedule of her shows and get more info about her music by clicking the picture below!


Watch Christine Nicole cover a Trick Pony tune!

And now an original by Christine Nicole!

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KORN Jam: Jessica Sevier

We’ve heard her on the KORN Jam before, but last time it was with the duo Emerald Fields. This time, Jessica Sevier is flying solo and on her way to Nashville!

We were excited to hear some live steel guitar too! Check out her music below!

Of course, we had to get her to sign the bricks #inthebin before she leaves to become famous in Nashville!


Here’s another original song from Jessica!

Good luck with the move to Nashville, Jessica Sevier!


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David and Whitney KORN Jam March 26th, 2015

It was another crazy-fun KORN Jam with the duo of David and Whitney (aka: Peaches and Naner)!

Click the picture below for more David and Whitney!

So how did the KORN Jam go, you ask?

Want more David and Whitney videos? Click HERE to go to the KORN Country YouTube page!


For this first time ever, Robb and Joanna got to KORN Jam WITH the guests! It got weird real fast…

These two were great at taking requests even though they’d never played either song before!  

Can’t wait to have these two back #InTheBin! Thanks for the laughs!


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Southern Country KORN Jam March 19th, 2015

Another KORN Jam in the books! It was a wonderful repeat visit from our friends, Southern Country!

You can find more info about Southern Country HERE and pretty please check out some highlights from their KORN Jam below!



And here come the shenanigans!


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