Hollywood Headlines for June 30th!

After 8 seasons on Real Houswives of Atlanta, Nene Leaks is officially leaving the show.


At Saturday’s premiere of theDespicable Me spinoff, Bullock donned a pair of yellow, custom Minions pumps. But the shoes are more than a fashion statement — she’s auctioning them off for charity! Ten custom pairs of the Minions heels — which will be autographed by Sandy herself — will be auctioned off on CharityBuzz.com starting on July 1. Turns out those naughty minions can do some good too.

“We’re going to give all the proceeds to Art + Practice, which is a non-profit organization here in L.A.,” Sandra told ET’s Kevin Frazier about the suede heels, which were designed by Rupert Sanderson and retail for over $800. Minions comes out July 10th!


Some quick movie news!

Star Trek Beyond is the official name for the next movie

Then we also have Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to look forward too

And last, but not least, here’s a look at the wardrobe for the Ghostbusters reboot!


Avengers of Oz: Age of Tin Man!!!

Nitty Gritty From Music City – June 29th 2015

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June 29th, 2015

Fifty two years after her death, Patsy Cline is coming back to entertain as a hologram. Not many details right now, but we do know that the Cline hologram will be unveiled next year as part of an interactive concert that will feature both “live” performance and commentary.


Something to make you smile…


This is such a cool idea. Treating military servicemen to a weekend full of concerts and beach fun! Boots on the Beach, a fun-filled all-star country music celebration packed with concerts and excursions, offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience for military couples to rejuvenate and reconnect after deployment. “I would go anywhere. I would go to the sandiest, hottest places that our military goes to be able to hang out with them because of all they do for us,” said Jerrod Niemann. “But to be able to come to Jamaica and enjoy paradise with our troops, its like getting the best of both worlds.”


Hollywood Headlines for June 29th!

Looks like things are-a-stirrin’ on stage. Two of America’s favorite things are coming to a stage maybe not near you, but you can travel to see them. Clueless is officially going to be made into a musical. AND the Harry Potter universe is expanding with a new play called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We don’t know a ton about either of these two projects, but I can tell you a few things. 1) The Harry Potter play is NOT a prequel. 2) The Clueless musical will be directed by the same person who directed Rock of Ages and Katy Perry has expressed interest. The director threw out the name Iggy Azalea as well…..um…..



Now if I told you that someone pranked Paris Hilton, you’re immediate reaction is probably something like, “HA! Good!”. But for real, I feel bad for her. There’s an Egyptian TV show that recently staged a fake plane crash with Paris “on board” and she is probaly scarred for life. I got to watch the video of the segment, but it has since been removed. I’ll try to get my hands on it and post it here. I can tell you that this prank crossed the line into torture. Paris is self-admittedly terrified of dying via plane crash and I’m sure this didn’t help.


The BET Awards aired last night. A few tidbits of knowledge to share at the water cooler include Janet Jackson making an appearance to receive the Ultimate Icon Award, Nicki Minaj is the big winner and Diddy fell on stage.

Hollywood Headlines for June 22nd!


That is the face of Jake Lloyd. You may recognize him as a young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 1. He was arrested over the weekend on charges of failing to stop for police and reckless driving. He just wanted the thrill of podracing, I suppose…


In my opinion, it’s like when Clark Griswald goes off on his boss in Christmas Vacation only not funny. We have yet another Twitter rant from Charlie Sheen. It seems to be unprovoked and random too. Shocked? You can check out all his crazy Tweets here, as they have since been deleted from his account. Most of the heat was direct at ex Denise Richards. Her response was civil and perfect.


Another weekend passes by, and its another weekend that I’m disappointed I couldn’t make it out to the theater! Pixar’s new animated film Inside Out broke a record for biggest opening weekend for an original film with $91 million. So, this is different from the record that Jurassic World currently holds because Inside Out is not part of a franchise or based on a book or other form of media. The previous holder of this title was Avatar with $77 million. 


Want to know what it takes to be the perfect girl for Captain America himself? Anthony Mackie spilled what he thinks the necessary qualities are for an ideal woman for friend and co-star Chris Evans! All of the universes questions have finally been answered!

Hollywood Headlines for June 11th!

Some movie news for you!

- Pitch Perfect 3 is happening. No news on cast or crew news yet.

- Kung Fu Panda 3 is happening. New cast members this time around are Bryan Cranston and Rebel Wilson.

- Chris Hemsworth has been cast as the receptionist in the Ghostbusters reboot which also stars Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones.


The TV daughters of Lauren Graham have finally met in real life! Rory Gilmore and Amber Braverman!



Congratulations Raven-Symoné! She’s been officially named as a new full-time co-host. A frequent guest host, the actress had been one of the front runners for the position left vacant by the recent exit of Rosie O’Donnell.