Movie Reviews with The KORN Morning Show: “Sex Tape”

Every week Robb, Joanna, Kirstin and Canary Keri hang out at Canary Creek Cinemas to see a new movie and then review it here for YOU on!

This week:

A married couple wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts.

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Robb’s Review   1 of 5

As someone who curses a lot in my regular life, I noticed they used the F word a LOT in this one.  I wasn’t ever offended but didn’t often see the point of using it.  It’s as if the movie exists only to be shocking.  There were a couple of good laughs — the company was the best part — but I wouldn’t recommend seeing it without a few friends and a few adult beverages. It’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s probably the worst movie I’ve seen so far this year.

Canary Keri’s Review   2 of 5

The commercials for the movie and the title let you know right from the start what the story line is all about, however there were several points during this movie that I found myself laughing out loud. This movie does have a realistic outlook on the ruts that marriage can fall into, I do appreciate that they are trying to find a way out of the rut instead of finding a way out of the marriage. I thought that Rob Lowe, Rob Corddry and Jack Black did a fantastic job in there supporting rolls.

Joanna’s Review    2 of 5

The plot is pretty straight forward. If you watch the trailer (conveniently located above), you see pretty much all you need to know plot-wise (add nudity and crazy Hangover-like Tom Foolery). BUT you do need to know that there are some fantastic cast surprises when it comes to supporting roles. I tend to favor male actors in films….. So of course I enjoyed everything Jason Segel did, Rob Corddry can do no wrong for me comically and I got the excited-squeals when Rob Lowe walked into frame. I can’t imagine seeing this movie by myself, so be sure gather a group of friends and go enjoy the funny together!

Kirstin’s Review 

…doesn’t exist because Rob Lowe’s handsome face was just too much to handle.


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Until next time…Here’s a picture of Rob Lowe a the premiere with a stuffed dog animal. Go see the movie to find out why this picture exists ;)


Movie Reviews with the KORN Morning Show: “Tammy”

Every week Robb, Joanna, Kirstin and Canary Keri hang out at Canary Creek Cinemas to see a new movie and then review it here for YOU on!

This week:

After losing her job and learning that her husband has been unfaithful, a woman hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother.

Tammy is showing NOW at Canary Creek Cinemas! Click HERE for showtimes!

Robb’s Review

…doesn’t exist because he’s having vacation shenanigans.

Canary Keri’s Review   4 of 5

First of all I Love, Love, Love the cast!! I enjoy the humor of Melissa McCarthy, throw in Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Ben Falcone and the surprise (to me, at least) appearance of Dan Aykroyd as Tammy’s Dad!!! What an amazing cast!! This movie definitely had me laughing out loud at so many points during the show and one particular scene that I found myself going from one extreme to another in my emotional spectrum. I have to agree with Kirsten and give credit to the fabulous soundtrack for “Tammy”!!

Joanna’s Review    3 of 5

There were so many things I loved about this movie! If I were to choose a cast from a movie to hang out with, I would most certainly consider the cast from “Tammy”.  As the opening credits rolled, I squealed with glee every time another great actor’s name popped up on the screen. If you love Melissa McCarthy you will laugh throughout the entire movie, as I did. I adore her! And I especially love seeing her and husband Ben, director of the film, doing comedic ad-libbed scenes together. While this isn’t my new favorite comedy, I DID find it pretty darn funny. Sorry to everyone who was in the theater and had to listen to me giggle for 96 minutes. ;)

Kirstin’s Review   3 of 5

I’m new to Melissa McCarthy’s work but just like everybody else I find her hilarious and relate-able. “Tammy” might be just another lovable loser flick, but it’s refreshing to see something other than a super model down on her luck, looking for love in all the wrong places. “Tammy” is a very genuine story of a woman who doesn’t quite know what she is or where she’s going, she’s just blindly looking for something, anything, other than her terrible life. “Tammy” takes a bit of patience for someone that’s new to the Melissa McCarthy humor formula, but the funny moments are FUNNY and it’s well worth the adjustment!

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Meet the pets of the KORN Morning Show!

On this morning’s edition of the KORN Morning Show, our Dear KORNY advice column was all about whether or not to let your animal sleep in bed with you.

This immediately caused a pet-picture-sharing FRENZY in the studio. We couldn’t get our phones out fast enough to show each other our precious pets!

Couldn’t you just die from the cute-ness?!

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Halftime, A triangle?, and the JJ Benefit Tour

So, here we are kicking off the second half of the NASCAR regular season, and the month of June.  Once again, it is time for the tricky triangle of Pocono Raceway.  Pocono is a three turn, 2.5 mile flat track in the middle of the beautiful Poconos of Pennsylvania.  Racing aside, this track always takes the best pictures with the mountains surrounding the area.  And as of late, the racing has been more exciting as well.  Don’t tell the France family, but I actually think NASCAR got it right when they shortened the events from 500 to 400 miles a few years ago…Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Richard, you constantly complain that the races are too short, and they are taking exciting laps away from the fans, and ruining the overall product by making the races a 2.5-3 hour affair instead of the all-day marathons they used to be.”  And, you are correct.  That is me every week.  Except here.  And there is a very complex and good reason for that.

Over the years, the racing here has been boring at best, and nap inducing at its worst.  If you want to sleep with a race in the background, this track almost always worked.  I can think of many exciting moments that have happened here, but they are just moments, in a four hour afternoon.  I think back to this exciting finish.  I think to the race where this happened.  and I think of some very hard crashes, some career ending.  But for all that, the track is wide enough for side-by-side-by-side racing, but it almost never happens for long.  The better cars with the best set-ups, and best pit strategy pull away, and dominate these events.  For instance, in that 1995 race where Jeff missed the shift, Those were the most competitive five laps of the entire race, and if not for that restart, no one had anything for the 24.

Again, that is not to say, that we can’t have a barn burner today, but history is not on our side.  That being said, I love to pull for the underdog, so I will go in, beverage in hand to undertake this endeavor with narrowed eyes, and the intensity of a champion…  Or I will just watch the race on what looks like it is shaping up to be a soggy Sunday afternoon here in Indiana.  So here is some stuff to know for today.

31 drivers have found their way to Pocono’s victory lane in NASCAR’S top series.  Jeff Gordon leads all drivers with six wins here.  Oddly enough, he also leads all active drivers with six runner-up finishes as well.  Jeff leads all active drivers in top-fives (19), and top-tens (29).  So naturally, he does NOT lead all active drivers in average finish.  Jimmie Johnson holds that distinction with an 8.83. Six drivers have won consecutive races here.  Most recently, it was Denny Hamlin who pulled the season sweep in his rookie year of 2006.  Hamlin also leads all drivers with a 6.5 average start here.  BTW, Hamlin is your polesitter.  Joe Nemecheck leads all active drivers in trips to Pocono without taking the trophy home with 38 races here.  The stat becomes very interesting when you see that the next two are tied at 28.  Neither Dale Earnhardt Jr., or Matt Kenseth have won here.  That may be about to change today…(a little foreshadowing if you will)

15 of the previous 72 Cup races here have been won from the pole.  (20.8%)  24 have been won from the front row.  (33.3%)  That is good news for Hamlin and Kurt Busch.  50 have been won from a top-ten starting position.  Once again, the good cars start up front, and pull away.  Only five times has a winner started outside the top-20, and found his way to the winner’s circle.  So naturally, I am going to pick a driver who is starting in the 26th position.  He has historically struggled here, but I am going with Matt Kenseth to pick up his first career Pocono win.  As far as a dark horse goes, how about Jamie McMurray.  He has been running a lot better lately.  He has never been particularly strong here, but this season just seems to be shining on him.  He won the All-Star race a few weeks back, and ran 5th in the Coca-Cola 600 on Memorial Day Weekend.  A 13th place finish last week isn’t indicative of where he was running in the late stages.  This team is turning the corner to make a run at the Chase this season.  With the new format, some wily pit strategy late in one of these races can get him a victory and ensure his post-season berth.

Speaking of ensuring his post-season berth, how about that Jimmie Johnson?  It wasn’t three full weeks ago, we were all wondering what was wrong with six-time.  “Oh Lawdy, could the team turn it around in time for the chase?”  Now, I literally heard someone last night complain that he is winning everything.  It has just been two races people!  And both of them were at tracks he has dominated over his career.  I have to laugh.  There is definitely a bi-polar reaction to the most successful driver in this generation of NASCAR racing.

The MRN broadcast begins at Noon.  Tune into 100.3 FM if you live in the Central Indiana area, or visit to listen live to the Pennsylvania 400.  Join my Facebook group to talk racing at For The Love Of Racing.

Hey Little Liar

liar (1)You lie on a daily basis. They aren’t necessarily big lies . . . but we all drop little lies here and there. What lie do you tell the most often? Here are eight of the most popular answers
1. “My phone was on silent so I didn’t know you called.”
2. “Sorry, I don’t have any change on me.”
3. “I don’t care what people think of me.”
4. Whatever your height is . . . adding at least an inch.
5. “I’m fine” . . . whether you’re happy, sad, or anything in between.
6. “I’m on the way.”
7. “This meal was delicious.”
8. “I’ll let you know if I can make it . . . I think I might already have something that night.”