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Hardly anything personifies Franklin and Johnson County residents as much as KORN 100.3. We have an exclusive local news team, local on air personalities and great local promotions that build a consistent, strong relationship with our listeners.   As an advertising medium we awaken possibilities in our clients.   We are a great advertising company and we serve you through a “process” instead of “pushing”.   We are obsessively, compulsively preoccupied with the progress of your business.

We are proud to be a popular local media source, helping Johnson County residents:

• Start their day in a great mood through today’s music mix, fun contests and commentary, with up to date local news.
• We have a passion for creating that immediate escape for our loyal listeners during any time of day.
• Our owner and staff also consistently support local community organizations, and have actively participated in building a “better community” for decades.


I wanted to thank you… The PSA’s that ran the past three months – totally brought in all of the new volunteers that we trained. In fact, I met with Faurecia yesterday about training in their facility new volunteers and Martin Agnew said he heard it on the radio!

It was great advertising for Book Buddies – and effective. Wanted you to know how appreciative we are with the advertisement.”

- Debbie Lindauer,
Book Buddies Director
January 9, 2013

Radio is the most cost effective medium for advertising today and “truly local radio” is an extremely strong branding tool for local business.

• We are the best medium to get traffic to your web site.
• Your business name is immediately placed in front of tens of thousands of active local radio listeners.
• We offer exceptional creative writing and production which means a better chance of results. We write and produce your ads without charge.
• Contrary to other advertising options out there, local radio is an intrusive medium, (not a passive one).  Radio is unconsciously educational and will precondition people to favor your product even though they did not mean to give it space in their brain.
• Radio provides your company an opportunity to place several different branding messages in front of a large audience, without the visual limitations that you find with print, billboard and other advertising mediums.

We are also privileged to help national companies brand their local chains and are a top advertising choice of many well known advertising agencies.

Let’s move your business forward, give us a call at 812-379-1077 or and one of our client service managers will assist you.   We are more relational than transactional.  We are intentionally serving customers for life, not one sale.

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Our People

Our staff works diligently to live out our corporate values in their interaction with our clients and community partners.  Their investment in their work is reflected in their investment in the communities we serve and live. With that in mind, we want to give you a closer look at the people who strive to bring the utmost value to your relationship with us.




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